It was back in 2004, in remote Frankfurt/Oder, when a previously nameless DJ team started looking for an adequate pseudonyme. The two had been spinning together for several years, but so far had failed to come up with a flashy label. Now, with a brandnew mixtape completed, they decided to finally remedy the gap.


Through lengthy and erratic deliberations which we can´t even begin to explain here, a weird and catchy name was coined:


Sportbrigade Sparwasser.


The guys behind the words: Sylvio (35) and René (38) from Frankfurt/Oder. „Brigade“ used to be the socialist term for „team“ in the German Democratic Republic prior to 1990 and defined a (non-military) group of people working together. And as for J. Sparwasser – well, he was the hero to score the winning goal for socialism in the only ever intergerman world cup football match in 1974.


Yet, the two DJs are neither stadium hools nor even overly athletic... the exception to the rule being their stance behind the decks. With spinning madness taking over, the crowd cannot help but be drawn into a collective fitness frenzy.

The Sportbrigade style covers the whole range from playfully romantic to rude asskicking, yet always in line with time and occasion. Though most frequently charged with pulling off a prime time inferno, the pair cater for twisted afterhours and cosy beach parties with equal fervour and dedication.


No line of modern techno is spared. From minimal to in-your-face ravetracks, Sportbrigade refuses to be glued to a consistent taste. As long as sweat keeps dripping off the ceiling, anything goes.


The team´s equipment comprises anything they could grab and hold on to: Vinyl and MP3, decks and laptops, loops and samples, MIDI-Controls and effects. Purists and style police are kindly requested to stay put and raise their hands.


The Sportbrigade Sparwasser is here to stay and can be counted on to put their dirty fingers on the mixer again and again and again....

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13. 01. 2018
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28. 10. 2017
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IPSE Berlin, Niejeliebt external link

30. 04. 2017
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02. 12. 2016
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11. 11. 2016
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27. 05. 2016
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13. 05. 2016
Rostock, Riot in my Heart external link

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19. 12. 2015
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